The victory of Donald J. Trump signalled not only the beginning of a serious shift in the focus of our nation's policies but also the role of independent media.  For the first time in history, a president won office not only by physically campaining, but also by utilizing social media and also holding the mainstream media accountable for its long history of biases, lies and left-leaning propaganda.  Bruce Burleson launched Liberty Clarion Call initially as a Facebook page devoted to conservative ideas and politics.  He has frequently posted links to a variety of conservative media articles there, but also memes with a conservative message, some of which have gone viral.  The mission of Liberty Clarion Call as an online magazine is to seize the narrative.  For decades, the left has dominated the news media, both online, in print and on television.  Seizing the narrative means that ordinary, middle-class Americans take to the Internet and provide alternatives to the garbage we typically see on channels such as MSNBC and CNN.  It is time for a media outlet that is truly of the people, for the people, and by the people!

Bruce Burleson is an activist with a long and storied history.  As a youngster he started reading the newspapers and was captivated by news accounts about Ronald Reagan.  Burleson's first jobs as a teenager involved assembling the Boston Sunday Globe and delivering the Nashua Telegraph.  So there was always plenty of news material lying around which he read avidly.  Burleson came of age in the final years of the Cold War, when Reagan was negotiating with Mikhail Gorbachev and building the nation's military so strong that the Soviet Union finally collapsed as it tried, in vain, to keep up with the pace.

In college in the early 1990s, Burleson did what many young people on college campuses are doing today: he became a leftist.  For several years, he was involved in a number of left-wing groups such as the International Socialist Organization, the ANSWER Coalition, and the Communist Party U.S.A.  But about 10 years ago, Burleson's politics began shifting in a conservative direction.  First he visited Venezuela in 2006, thinking he was flying into some kind of socialist paradise.  Instead he found an authoritarian nightmare where the vast majority of the population were dirt-poor and the country was sharply divided.  Burleson returned home wondering if socialism was really a viable economic and political model.  Then came the Obama administration, which Burleson initially supported.  But as the years dragged on it became evident that America had been had.  As a result, he abandoned leftist politics altogether and returned to the conservatism of his youth.  Initially Burleson spent a number of years as an independent, but registered as a Republican when he decided that the GOP most closely matched his own evolving political perspective.  That being said, Burleson is often as critical of the GOP as he is of the Democrats, and on some issues he leans in a more libertarian direction.

In the early days of the 2016 electoral season, Burleson quickly became a supporter of Donald Trump, even though Trump's politics were not always as conservative as Burleson would have liked.  Burleson campaigned enthusiatically for Trump, both on social media as well as in the community.

Burleson remains an enthusiastic supporter of President Trump, but not an uncritical one!  Burleson believes that when you uncritically support any politician, you develop a sense of political tunnel-vision and you lose your ability to think and reason objectively.  Burleson is committed to praising our political leaders when they succeed and keep their campaign promises, and criticizing them when they fall short.  For example, Burleson criticized the president for endorsing Paul Ryan's flawed overhaul of ObamaCare instead of a more free-market approach that would have repealed that awful law.  All of that being said, Burleson recently posted on Facebook that he gives President Trump an overall "A" for performance, as for the first time in years the country's economy is poised to regain lost ground and its people have reason to hope for the future.

The philosophy of Liberty Clarion Call is to tell the truth about what is going on in the country and the world, and to do so boldly an with a departure from the typical "politically correct" approach used by most media outlets.  To that end, this brainchild of Bruce Burleson's is not all about Bruce but is about YOU.  Liberty Clarion Call's approach is to solicit articles from readers, review them and post them here.  When articles are written by ordinary people who live ordinary lives, they're much more likely to contain the truth about the country than the typical garbage pumped out by the mainstream media.

Liberty Clarion Call encourages readers to not just read by also write!