Jason Lyons – June 16, 2017 



Who wouldn’t feel real good as a conservative right now about the potential for plotting the course in the right direction and anticipate much more down the pike.  Plenty to always be hopeful about….  But for constant conflict with a so-called progressive agenda.  Who as one surely knows by now barely accepts results of elections and maintaining basic free-markets, much less considers desperately needed measures to cut spending and boost national security that are as much grounded in plain common sense as any time-tested conservative principles.   A constant barrage of ad hominem attacks, half truths, outright lies (CNN), and the shocking inability to self-censor and self-correct like a half-baked runaway train.

There are innumerable spot-on dead-center perfect characterizations out there of what has happened to the American left and the more progressive elements of it, how it doesn’t stand for what it once did a decade ago and shifts ever more further away from that, amongst other places in nonfiction and fiction, talk radio, and many internet outlets including this very website.  


These are all very worth checking out from the real obvious that it’s not just “liberalism” any more but transposed into veiled socialism, to what for some moved even beyond that into an anti-individualist hard collectivism.  Others still have pointed to a secular quasi-religious philosophical order with veneration of both collectivism and power relationships themselves.  There is even symbolism its been said in movies from B-Grade zombie flicks (a “cult” classic only in the celluloid sense) to the blob.  Sure that last one came out many years ago, and not to be overblown because conspiracy theories can be a waste.  Look how some of theirs have panned out.  But make no mistake surely, the progressive movement has firmly upped the ante to unprecedented levels.  


Understanding the opposition allows adaptation.  If nothing else when someone tries to unwisely criticize or lecture those who helped put Republicans squarely in the driver’s seat.  Certainly these and other theories are essential reading for scoping out the modus operandi of a blame-affixing and free-speech censoring opposition with a knack of showing up on primetime news.  There’s plenty of room for this and for allusions to those great classic Ayn Rand novels.   What about focusing right now on only one small part of the picture?  The message. 

Unlike some of the opposition, Conservatives, and also some traditional leaning independents, as we know, successfully propound rational solutions to problems based on hard facts and time-tested principles and can arrive at different conclusions.  Great until it’s all over the map and there are spats.   Well-documented further and by several is how an opposition that often appeals purely to emotion and nominally utopian visions, and often willing to go to the lowest common denominator in support of this, are instigators of a groupthink.   Same old message, drones on, still, it’s consistent.  There needs to be some counter here, for conservatives and the people that support conservative candidates to adopt in stating and supporting solid messaging.   Remember the last two Republican primaries, it was rough.  Interesting to watch.  Yet everyone seemed to have a different solution.  Then look at any other arena.  Fortunately it happened to the other side too last time, but why always count on that.


Remember too the last two decades, several times recall the media trying to label the Republicans as the party of “no.”  There’s definitely plenty, plenty out there to say “no” to.  But did it off-put some.  It’s hard sometimes for good people to agree on what to say “no” to anyways in a unified manner.  There was a positive agenda of liberty, free markets and personal responsibility in opposition to the last 8 years.  Another example of that, well, the great points always being made about the hypocrisy of leaders who shop the tenets of redistribution, then take million-dollar book deals and speeches.  How about more ideas in the direction of an affirmatively stated proactive conservative message?  What would they be?   Now in the face of opposition still less amenable to compromise, but with plenty reasonable independents still as the statistics later confirmed last year….  It doesn’t have to be anything newly constructed.


Basic Liberty.  Personal, political religious.  The left may go for broke, alarmist at their losses, and state willingness to self-sacrifice some of this to organize their response.   But it should rightly be communicated the complete direness and scope of the situation  (including to those greater than 50% of millennials who stated they actively considered socialism) that what’s at stake is not your father’s reasonable limitation of liberty, or some supposed temporary “dictatorship of the proletariat,”  but an all-encompassing movement that suffocates individual expression creativity and opportunity.  Not in some abstract anarchist way either, but by marked elitism, with fewer opportunities for genuine entry.  Not something the Occupy this crowd would have liked themselves.  This isn’t anything that new or shocking here, catch the keen talk radio warnings of a “Leviathan.”   If nothing else, however, it was good last month to hear people from different places for once roundly criticize what happened at UC Berkeley cutting off free speech even if the outcome was ridiculous.


Another, prosperity.  That gets mentioned rightly so and should even more, it’s not an oversimplification.  Besides removing overbearing regulations and limiting entitlements to curb massive overspending all radically important, stable prosperity is part of it and if simple bears repeating.  That has to be an easy message given what side history is on, and the news coming out of every socialist country, and just look also at the economic results the past few months.  It’s at least a start to reading and agreeing with the Wealth of Nations.  It’s not much more of a leap to understand the need for loosening the burden on the taxpayers and businesses, anticipating global competition, and the like.  There must be plenty more.  What about the concept, and one that should be a completely forgone conclusion and used to always be, of rugged American individualism.  Any reasonable approach to equality of opportunity still has to require a sentient capable person to take the reins.  Without this idea of individualism and responsibility there’s no point in ever gassing up the 4x4s or grills to just play the role of a self-reliant and capable citizenry.  Walk the walk!


What if to further individual success in the face of collectivist and oftentimes unfounded rhetoric, it takes a certain directness to provide the message. 
As so many have pointed out despite our principled and respectful nature can one always respond by perfect Marquis of Queensbury rules to what we are seeing?  Or make intelligent allowance for “safe spaces.”  How else to have momentum while remaining true to Constitutional adherence.   What is said bears repetition and has to hold up to ad hominem fervent counterattack.  There must be proven room too for alternative forms of media and communication.   Policy and rhetorical differences aside, are we not already headed in a positive path on several of these issues?