Why So Many Murders in Chicago?
Bruce Burleson -- April 24, 2017
As of today the Chicago Tribune reports that there have been 948 shootings and 179 murders in Chicago since the beginning of this year.  That’s about three murders every two days and more than eight shootings per day.  In 2016, there were an incredible 4,368 shootings and 786 murders.  In comparison, there were 500 murders in Chicago in 2012.

So why the increase?  What on earth is going on in Chicago and why are we seeing all this violence concentrated in our nation’s third largest city?  One wonders whether Chicago is much safer to visit these days than Kabul or Damascus.

In 2015, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) reached an agreement with the Chicago Police limiting the practice of “stop-and-frisk” whereby police could stop and search suspicious individuals.  The ACLU claimed that the practice unfairly targeted minorities.  Since then, the ACLU has denied any connection between reductions in “stop-and-frisk” and the increase in shootings and murders.


The Chicago Sun-Times reported a year ago that Chicago police officials have “avoided policing after the ACLU of Illinois began monitoring police stops in greater detail in January. Officers now have to fill out two-page forms documenting every stop of a citizen, including traffic violations, and say the extra scrutiny causes them to fear running into legal trouble with stops later on.

In other words, the ACLU has made it so difficult and cumbersome for the police to enforce the laws that they are stopping and frisking far fewer individuals than they did two years ago.  And as police activity in the neighborhoods decreases, the murder rate hits the roof.  The inverse proportionality of that fact is not lost on the public, and is certainly bleedingly obvious (forgive the pun) to the people living in the inner city.  Yet the ACLU and its allies in the liberal city government have washed their hands of any responsibility.

Basically the police have been backed into a corner and caught in a catch-22.  If they stop and frisk at will, they catch and arrest a lot more criminals carrying illegal guns.  They are forced to choose between the politically correct policing that the ACLU and liberal city officials want, e.g. avoiding “profiling,” or engaging in policing that actually works.

The ACLU’s argument is that stop-and-frisk is applied disproportionately to minorities.  But as they deny the connection between reduction of the use of this practice and an increase in violent crime, they also are overlooking one major fact: that when the police back out of minority neighborhoods and stop enforcing the law, gangs move right in and take over.  They also overlook the fact that most of the shootings that are taking place are black people shooting black people.  So as the ACLU whines about white-on-black police racism, the real racism lies in the fact that the ACLU has essentially driven the police out of black neighborhoods.

While criminals freely roam the streets shooting their illegal weapons, the strict gun laws in Chicago make it difficult for law-abiding citizens to legally own and carry weapons to defend themselves.  So not only are the police not defending the public from criminals—the people can’t even defend themselves!

So ultimately the city of Chicago has a choice to make.  They can either return to policing the neighborhoods using stop-and-frisk and any other tactic that has shown to be effective, as well as allowing people to defend themselves with legally-owned weapons, or they can continue to sacrifice the lives of innocent civilians on the altar of political correctness.  One thing is certain: the status quo will turn the year 2017 into another bloodbath for the city.