The Democrats have a short memory, and a selective one at that.  They seem to have forgotten how Bill Clinton fired FBI director William Sessions the day before Vince Foster committed suicide.  Coincidence?  Perhaps, but there certainly wasn’t the level of hysteria we’re seeing this time around.


Just last fall, the Democrats sighed in relief as James Comey closed his investigation into Hillary Clinton—for the second time.  You’d think the Hysterocrats would be happy to see him go, but no.


Elizabeth Warren blamed the Russians.  Then, Maxine Waters told us if Hillary had fired Comey it would have been just fine.  The liberal media in general has come completely unglued over this.  Comey’s firing to them isn’t just another presidential sacking of an incompetent and arrogant bureaucrat—it rises to the occasion of an “abuse of power,” even a “constitutional crisis.” 


You’d think Donald Trump had dropped a 20-megaton nuke on a sanctuary city, the way the left and their loud-mouthpieces have been reacting.  They refuse to see the reality of the situation: Comey was a federal employee, and Trump was his boss. So Trump was well within his right to fire Comey, with or without explanation


Of course the left is gloating at Trump’s letter to Comey which thanked the now-former FBI chief of informing the president he wasn’t under investigation.  Channel-flip across MSNBC, CNN and the other networks and you’ll hear the litany, “See? Trump fired Comey because of the Russians.”


As usual, the leftist media and the leftist politicians are parroting each other in their mad drive to continue their “investigation” into alleged Russian involvement in the Trump campaign. For which, of course, not a shred of evidence has been presented.  (Because there is no evidence and there was no Russian collusion with Trump, but these charlatans aren’t ready to admit it yet.)  The main reason?  They left has nothing else. No facts, no rational arguments, no logic, and a recent history of a corrupt president and an even more corrupt presidential candidate.  All of that hangs around their shoulders like an albatross, and they’ve gotten desperate.


The mainstream media and Congressional Democrats are doing everything they can to distract America away from the real criminals who actually require investigation and prosecution: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They have tried in desperation to discredit President Trump, and as usual, all their efforts are for naught. 


Eventually the Russian angle is going to run out of steam, after of course millions of dollars in taxpayer money is spent investigating the “scandal.”  Then they’ll find something else to obsess about.  Maybe—hopefully—another firing of another useless and corrupt bureaucrat.  John Koskinen comes to mind.