Donald R. Burleson, PhD – April 19, 2020



            While I am not generally fond of conspiracy theories, and realize that the following may sound like a particularly wild one, I propose this as a speculation that has the merit of logical cohesiveness and credibility.

            Given that the coronavirus is known to have started in Wuhan, China, it scarcely seems coincidental that this city is home to what is the only Chinese government-acknowledged Biosafety Level 4 laboratory in that country. (There are only a handful of such high-security laboratories in the world.) Apologists for the interests of China have argued that it is not feasible that the virus was manufactured at the Level 4 lab in Wuhan because those facilities have such elevated system integrity that no such organism could escape from its care, into the public arena.

            But this fact may well be the best argument that something genuinely sinister occurred there, and is still part of an ongoing scenario.

            Indeed no manufactured micro-organism is likely to have escaped accidentally from a Level 4 lab, but being released deliberately is another thing.

            There were thousands of cases of infection in Wuhan. Why would the Chinese government release a deadly pathogenic organism into its own population, you ask? Well, keep in mind that the Chinese government, like all communist governments, places no value whatever on human life, aside from the question of availability of slave labor. It would mean nothing to them, however many people died of the coronavirus in Wuhan.

            But again, why would they do it? The answer, or one exceedingly cogent answer at any rate, is quite simple. I suggest that the Chinese government infected many thousands of its own people in Wuhan in order to collect antibodies from the blood of the infected (but recovered) persons, for the purpose of concocting either a vaccine or a group of curative drugs, or both. That is a standard procedure for designing such drugs.

            This, I propose, has been going on for some time, and China’s strategy is straightforward, if despicable. The plan from the beginning was to manufacture the virus as a bio-warfare entity, infect the local population in Wuhan to amass the necessary antibodies, design a vaccine and effective drugs against the virus, infect the population of the United States (and other countries), have a vaccine or curative drugs or both well in hand, wait until the number of cases of infection among the American population (and others) swelled preferably into the millions, then sell the vaccine or drugs to the rest of the world at exorbitant prices. The United States already buys most of its pharmaceuticals from China anyway, so this possible act of extreme opportunism would make the U.S.A. an easy mark under the circumstances, or so the Chinese government would hope.

            Is all this true? If it is, one hopes it all comes out one day in terms of definitive evidence and proof.