Bruce Burleson – January 1, 2020

As a new decade begins, let us reflect on how the Left tried to define the 2010s.  A lot has changed, and it is by no means “progressive” but is in fact regressive, as civility is flushed down the toilet and replaced by Soros-funded violence.  What we have seen can perhaps best be described with a term used by sociologists: the normalization of deviance, or the gradual abandonment of that which is functional, good or wholesome and the adoption of dysfunction—that which was once considered problematic, or even evil.  Whereas in 2010 you could hold a patriotic rally in Boston Common, sing patriotic songs and wave the Stars and Stripes, by 2019 if you tried to do so you were accosted by thousands of Antifa miscreants, eager to hurl milkshakes or bottles of urine.  In 2010 you could organize a debate on immigration on a college campus involving all sides of the issue, but by 2019 conservatives would be driven off the podium by screeching social justice warriors.  The lunacy that began with the Occupy movement ended with the hospitalization of journalist Andy Ngo and the carnage perpetrated by Antifa sympathizer Connor Betts.


Orwell described such lunacy best in his novel 1984: a dystopian, depressing, totalitarian future where everything is defined as its opposite.  Despite abundant historic evidence to the contrary, we are told that capitalism is evil, socialism is good, conservatives are racists, liberals are the saviors of the underclass, and that Democrats are the best thing for people of color.  Third-wave feminists tell us that abortion is not only a good thing but should be celebrated or even bragged about, and that all sex is rape.  (So much for the continuation of the human race!)  Activists howl about the rights of criminal illegal aliens but then in the next breath want to take guns away from natural-born Americans who only want to defend themselves against crime.  We now hear that open borders are desirable and citizenship is meaningless. Twitter now hums with talk about how those vaguely to the right of Barack Obama are in fact fascists, and how Donald Trump is the personification of evil despite a strong economy and record-low Black unemployment.


So we ought to ask, what awaits America as we roll into the 2020s?  A couple of possibilities.  One is that the country descends into chaos and anarchy, as violent mobs are allowed to rule the streets unimpeded by mayors who order their police to stand down.  This scenario is made worse by the fact that a huge percentage of Millennials—between a third and one-half depending on who you want to believe—favor socialism over capitalism, even though few Millennials have ever actually visited a socialist country.  These same young people, if unchallenged, will continue to populate Congress with communists. 


Another possibility is that America returns to reason, facts, and logic.  This begins in our institutions of education, which need to resume their former role as marketplaces of ideas, not indoctrination centers of cultural Marxism.  If America is to continue to exist 20 or even 10 years from now, facts must once again supercede the emotional expediency of the moment, and civil discourse must replace mob violence.  Kids must be encouraged to think for themselves, rather than being attacked by their teachers for wearing a MAGA hat.


The re-election of Donald Trump in November of 2020 will, in itself, not achieve this objective, although it will serve as a barrier to the worst excesses of the extreme Left for an additional 4 years.  What is necessary is for the active involvement of all patriotic Americans in seizing the narrative away from the lunatics, from Berkeley to Washington.  This means overhauling a number of our social institutions including the mass media and education.  It all begins with exercising our First Amendment rights in all places and at all times—before the Left succeeds in running the Constitution through the shredder.  Fellow Americans please be part of the solution.  Organize!  Because if we don’t, 2030 is going to look a lot worse for our Republic than 2020.