Hessie L. Harris – May 28, 2017 

Same Disaster,
Different Day

In the wake of the Manchester Massacre, the latest but hardly surprising mass terror attack, it must be asked whether Western leaders are con men, cowards or in collusion with terrorists.   All three descriptors fit the situation where it is clear that those charged with addressing these atrocities pretend to do so but in reality do not.   As a recent editorial in the Washington Times pointed out, all western leaders are offering is empty words in response.  They have been repeated so often as to now be trite platitudes.


According to the Times editorial German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, where a terrorist mass murder was committed,  and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti have stated that they  are “standing” with Manchester.  In the meantime, the broken and disfigured bodies of the innocent again lie in pools of their blood in some cases commingled with that of others.  Bereaved family and friends in shock, grief, and horror struggle to comprehend that normal, everyday activities are repeatedly resulting in carnage and death.  The mayor of London and a BBC media personality in effect say “get used to it.” 


In keeping with a familiar pattern, while the mop up takes place, security personnel are dispatched to temporarily establish a presence at vulnerable sites until the hubbub dies down.


What then follows is an “intensive investigation,” after the fact, to determine:  whether an act of terrorism has occurred; the identity of the perpetrator(s); whether he/she/ or they acted alone or were affiliated with a terrorist group; when and where they were radicalized; and what triggering event was.  Surely such details will comfort the bereaved. 


God forbid that as much effort be placed in preventing, combating, and eradicating terrorism.  In an irony that is no longer supreme, it is usually found that the perpetrator(s) had been on law enforcement’s radar often for some time or had engaged in suspicious behavior reported by civilians to law enforcement which disregarded the   information.


Former FBI Director James Comey has warned that ISIS has a presence in all fifty states.  His statement has been reiterated by a member of the ISIS hierarchy that claims there are sleeper terrorist cells in every state ready to strike on command.  In addition, it has been confirmed that there are at least twenty-two ISIS training camps operating areas of the United States.   Several acts of terrorism have occurred here and another big one like 9/11 or worse is predicted, possibly expected.  Yet our national security has been seriously compromised, possibly fatally, due to sabotage by Obama and his henchmen for the last eight years.  Going forward, that dubious distinction belongs to federal courts that are thwarting common sense efforts to protect the country and a miserly Congress that refuses to appropriate sufficient funds to even begin to undo the harm Obama has done to the military.   Either Congress is in denial, indifferent, or for whatever reason prefers to adhere to the status quo as much as possible.  


In European Union countries, Merkel and other political leaders import terrorists, rapists, murders, thieves, cloaking them as refugees while they prey on citizens and merchants without sanction, abuse welfare system benefits, and demand preferred living accommodations which Germany provides by ejecting occupants from their dwellings and confiscating commercial property for conversion to residential use.


Self-preservation is the first law of life.  What the conniving, colluding, corrupt political officials fail to realize, in their abandonment the rule of law and morality, is that they are in as much danger as they are placing citizens with their short-sighted surrender to terrorism and political correctness.   After all an unsated alligator will not only bite the hand that feeds it but also swallow the body whole.