Bruce Burleson – March 31, 2017


This week the city of Brockton, where I live, became the center of the national spotlight as Massachusetts State Representative Michelle DuBois posted a warning on Facebook that the Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) intended to raid the city on March 28th and 29th.  DuBois warned illegal aliens (she uses the politically correct term “undocumented” of course) not to answer the door in case of a raid.  As it turned out, her “warning” was based on nothing more than a rumor she had heard.  DuBois’ actions were condemned by Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.  Instead of apologizing for her incredibly irresponsible Facebook post, DuBois did what any ultra-liberal politician naturally will do: she became the victim.  As thousands of people complained on her Facebook page, DuBois frantically deleted their comments, calling them “hateful.”  MORE


Local liberals are falling over each other to support DuBois, showering her with what can only be described as hero worship.  (That’s all you’ll find on her Facebook page now as she has deleted anything remotely critical of her ridiculous behavior.)  And of course, they plan protests for this weekend.  These are the same “community leaders” who all along have supported efforts to turn Brockton into a sanctuary city—a can that continues to be kicked down the road by the local city council.


As usual, pro-illegal activists are clamoring about how enforcement of immigration laws will separate families and be a disaster for society as a whole.  But those arguments collapse like a house of cards in the face of actual facts.


According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illegals cost American taxpayers an estimated $113 billion in 2013.  And according to ICE, there are over 2 million criminal aliens in the country.  And it seems that not a day goes by where we don’t hear of yet another Kate Steinle-style murder being committed by people who aren’t even supposed to be here.  Often when gang members, drug dealers and other criminals are arrested in our cities (particularly the sanctuary cities), lo and behold, it turns out they’re here illegally.  But because the arrests take place in sanctuary cities, these criminals are seldom turned over to ICE.  President Trump and his administration have vowed to punish sanctuary cities for their chronic violation of federal immigration laws, and it’s about time.


The reality is that it isn’t enforcement of immigration laws that is the problem.  That’s the government’s job—to enforce the laws that are on the books.  Ultimately it is not enforcement that divides families—those families took that risk when they came to this country illegally in the first place!  If someone gets separated from family due to deportation, whose fault is that?  Society’s?  Yours?  Mine?  How about the illegal who broke immigration laws in the first place?  This is the logic that is lost in much of the national debate on “illegal immigration” these days.


There are steps that must be taken if America is to effectively address the problem of illegal migration.  Firstly, we must stop attracting illegals.  Nothing is more attractive than the promise of jobs, housing, social services, education and other niceties that are, by the way, routinely denied to citizens and legal residents.  How outrageous it is that we provide all of this to illegals in sanctuary cities where our veterans continue to suffer from homelessness and other issues!  Building a wall will certainly help prevent a lot of people from illegally entering the country, but removing the incentive to come here illegally in the first place is not only smart—it is necessary.


Secondly, we must enforce the law.  As unpopular and politically incorrect as it is, that means deportations.  There’s no way around it or else we cease to be a society based on the rule of law.  Naturally, it is unlikely that ICE is going to deport all of the estimated 11 million illegals that are in this country.  But by getting back on track with enforcement beginning with the worst of the worst (the violent criminals, drug dealers, gang members and so on) and then moving on to as many others as we can locate, we send a message: Don’t come to America illegally in the first place.


Which gets back to the title of this article: Don’t break immigration law and you’ll never be deported!