Bruce Burleson – January 13, 2019

Mr. President:
Do What You Have to Do!


Never before in our nation’s history has the southern border been as front-and-center in our nation’s political discourse as it is now.  Oh, we’ve seen some of it before.  Politicians going back to Reagan have commented on how the nation needs to address the fact that our border—as Bill Clinton once put it—is “leaking like a sieve.”


Numerous previous presidents, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, commented during their campaigns that the southern border needs to be fixed.  And high profile Congress members, including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid, in the past have all advocated for enhanced border security.


So why all the hoopla over Trump’s proposed border wall?  Why are the Democrats—who once supported border security, who even voted to expand border fencing—now so adamantly and hypocritically against the president’s efforts to fix the problem?


There’s no possible explanation except basic, seething, wretched, exploding hatred for Donald J. Trump.  Even though President Trump is doing everything he can to make good on the promises of previous presidents—including Obama and Clinton—opposition to his efforts boils down to hatred of the man and his America First agenda.  In fact, many of the president’s critics accuse him of “racism” or “xenophobia.” All because he merely wants to protect the country from the wrong people coming in—and doing us harm.


And doing us harm, these illegals been doing with great alacrity.  Although not every illegal commits violent crimes once they’re here, every day in the news we see murders, rapes, robberies, perpetrated by individuals who crossed our southern border illegally—often after having been deported multiple times.  We’ve seen high-profile cases like Kate Steinle and, more recently, police officer Ronil Singh.  Every day in Massachusetts, where I live, there are arrests of illegals for dealing drugs, often fentanyl.  And there was a recent report of homeless shelters in Portland, Maine—thousands of miles from the southern border—filling up with illegal migrants, while homeless people in Maine are shut out of services.


Every day in Massachusetts, five people die from fentanyl overdoses.  Where is the fentanyl coming from? Across the southern border.  What are the Democrats doing about it?  Nothing, other than hollering about “immigrant rights.”  The Democrats care more about their open-borders agenda—letting everyone in—than they do about the safety and well-being of people who are born here and whose taxes pay their salaries! 


Let’s get something straight.  Illegal migrants are not “immigrants.”  They are criminals, by virtue of the fact that they’re physically present in our country illegally.  Immigrants are people who go through the proper channels and processes to come to our country.  Most Americans, including myself, welcome legal immigrants.


Getting back to the wall.  Liberals holler about how the wall won’t work.  But thousands of years of civilized history show that they do work.  The Chinese built the Great Wall of China to protect from northern invaders.  The Israelis built walls to keep Palestinian terrorists out.


Oh, and by the way, all these Hollywood types who oppose the wall and hate Trump, all have walls around their multimillion-dollar mansions.  Recently, Alyssa Milano virtue-signaled that Americans don’t want a wall because it’s a symbol of “white supremacy.”  And yet she—and most other actors—live either in mansions surrounded by walls, or gated communities.  Walls apparently work for them.  But these arrogant elitists oppose extending the same kind of protection to our country as a whole.


Why?  Because in their gated communities and walled compounds, they don’t have to worry about illegal migrant MS-13 gang members coming in and murdering them, like the rest of us have to worry about.


The Democratic politicians have become incredibly alienated to the realities of how illegal migration affects everyday Americans.


But when President Trump tries to do something about it, he’s met with obstruction, derision, and hateful comments such as being called a “racist” or “xenophobe.”


That’s not surprising.  When the left has no valid arguments to make, they often revert to their usual “isms” and “phobias.” So when conservatives—or anyone else—question them, leftists roll out the insults.  You’re “Islamophobic!”  You’re a “racist!”  It’s nothing more than George Orwell’s novel “1984” played out as fact rather than fiction.  Oppose Ingsoc, and you’ve committed a thought crime.


Fortunately, President Trump has opposed such political correctness from the beginning.  He doesn’t care if his America First philosophy is viewed by the thought police as a thought crime.  His concern is protecting this country from forces that would do us harm.  And some of those forces swarm across our southern border at an alarming rate. 


Recently the president has brought up the possibility of declaring a national emergency to secure the border and get the wall built.  He wants to hold off and see if he can hammer out a deal with the Devilcrats.  But that’s unlikely to happen, so I say: DO IT, Mr. President!  Declare the emergency, get the wall built, and stop murderers, drug and human traffickers, and other criminals from waltzing right into our country.