Bruce Burleson – August 21, 2018


On June 6, 1944, the Allies landed on Normandy, France.  Not long after that, the Nazis were chased all the way back to Berlin, spelling the end of World War II in Europe.  America had won the war, eliminating the threat of fascism to Western civilization.


Until now.  Fascism now takes the form of a group calling itself “AntiFa,” short for “anti-fascist.”  This loosely-organized grouping of anarchists, Communists and others on the extreme left have waged a campaign against those they label “neo-Nazis,” “white nationalists,” and “white supremacists.”


Which would be okay by me as I too have little sympathy for anyone for whom those labels is accurate.  The problem is that AntiFa’s actual focus is not on the real purveyors of racial hatred in America.  Instead they’re concentrating their energy—and likely George Soros’s money—on ordinary conservatives, Trump supporters, patriots, and even liberals who dare to speak their minds in public. 


On August 27, 2017, a group of conservatives called Patriot Prayer tried to hold a prayer and patriotism rally in Berkeley, California.  AntiFa responded by attacking and pepper spraying Joey Gibson, the organizer of the conservative gathering.  Imagine that—you gather in public to pray and express love for your country, and you get assaulted by leftist thugs!


On August 4, 2018, free speech activists tried to hold a rally in Providence, Rhode Island and were attacked by AntiFa.  Again on August 18th in Boston, AntiFa confronted Boston Free Speech and Resist Marxism for daring to rally against left-wing violence.  I was in attendance on the 18th.  While AntiFa managed to shout down free speech activists at City Hall Plaza, we were able to regroup and hold our rally at Bunker Hill Monument.  Local and national media failed to acknowledge our success, reporting instead that AntiFa had successfully managed to stop us from speaking our minds.


Those in attendance on the 18th were not neo-Nazis, skinheads, or white supremacists.  The group was in fact a hodgepodge of conservatives, liberals, and libertarians who managed to set aside political differences for an afternoon in order to stand up for our First Amendment.  The media have mischaracterized Boston Free Speech and Resist Marxism as “far right” organizations, but after spending a day with both groups, it was obvious to me that nothing was further from the truth.


When you look at the actual history of fascism, you learn that it originated with the blackshirts in Mussolini’s Italy and the brownshirts in Hitler’s Germany. Those groups used extreme violence against anyone who opposed them.  The behavior of AntiFa and other extreme leftist groups in America during the past few years makes it quite obvious that fascism is alive and well—except the difference today is that those calling themselves “anti-fascsists” are in fact the real fascists!


What is dangerous about fascist movements—whether in Germany in 1933 or in America today—is that they tend to gain momentum.  They lie about their opponents (e.g., that Trump supporters are all “Nazis”), and use each of their marches and demonstrations to build the next march and demonstration.


So how do freedom-loving people defeat AntiFa?  Well there are several tasks ahead of us.  Firstly, we have to build a free speech movement that draws out not just 10, 20, or 50 activists, but hundreds or even thousands of participants.  Otherwise we will continue to be outnumbered.


Secondly, we have to build a presence on college campuses.  For far too long, Americans have stood back and done nothing as Marxists, socialists, and Communists have virtually taken over our institutions of “higher education” (and I put that term in quotes for good reason).  The result is that now we have entire generations of college students indoctrinated in ideologies characterized by hatred toward America, her institutions and even the Constitution itself.  A recent poll suggested that 57% of Democrats now think socialism is a good idea. So, the party’s more moderate base has shrunk while the left wing—previously taking forms such as the Communist Party USA—has become the dominant paradigm.  The Democratic Party’s top officials are now out-of-the-closet socialists; in fact they’ve gone so far as to refer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the future of their party.  Where did that shift to the left come from?  It didn’t just appear suddenly out of nowhere.  It came from our colleges and universities.


Thirdly, we have to seize the public narrative away from the left.  Social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google now routinely censor conservatives merely for speaking their minds.  CNN and MSNBC routinely describe anyone vaguely right-of-center as “racists,” “sexists,” and “xenophobes.”  During the past 20 years, identity politics in public discourse have become the norm rather than the exception, fostering not only a stultifying climate of political correctness, but also a climate of AntiFa violence.  Unless effort is made to build up and promote alternative news sources and our presence on television and on radio, the left will continue to dominate and the extremist violence will drive the country toward out-and-out civil war.


A free speech movement can be broad-based and include anyone and everyone who believes in the importance of our First Amendment.  The August 18 rally included people with quite a diverse array of political opinions.  Conservatives, libertarians and liberals set aside their usual differences for an afternoon and stood together in defense of free speech.


That is a lesson we must learn—and build upon—as we move forward.
A Response from Resist Marxism:  As a side note, we never intended to have speeches at City Hall. The plan was to rally at city hall and then head to Bunker Hill to support Boston Free Speech who brought in speakers. Other than that, everything is spot on.