Bruce Burleson – May 23, 2017 


Once again we’ve seen the horror of terrorism—this time targeting young concert-goers in England.  Once again we have proof right in front of us of what happens when countries allow mass Islamic migration—completely unvetted in most cases.  What will have to happen for countries to change their immigration policies?  Will ISIS have to smuggle in a nuclear weapon and detonate it in London, Chicago or New York?


The left continues to protest—and even obstruct—President Trump’s efforts to stem the tide of illegal migration into the United States—and particular, migration from countries where Islamic terrorism proliferates.  In a recent photo, protesters are seen carrying signs reading: “No Ban!  No Wall!  Sanctuary for all!”


But what happens when you provide “sanctuary for all?”  We’ve seen the results of it over and over again.  Terrorists enter the country and commit atrocities.  Gangs like MS-13 spread across our cities, committing murder and dealing drugs, particularly in sanctuary cities.  And it’s not just gangs.  An unreleased report from the Boston police department indicates that it’s people from the Dominican Republic who are dealing most of the heroin and fentanyl in and around Boston.  But city officials are reluctant to release such reports to the public. Why?  Political correctness.  “Oh, we can’t point the finger at any particular group,” the media will scream.


Really?  Yes we can.  And we should. The politics of “we can’t” need to be replaced by the politics of “we absolutely have to.”  Case in point, Chicago is descending into chaos because city officials listened to the ACLU instead of the common sense of their own police officers.  “We can’t profile. We can’t use stop-and-frisk.  It’s unfair.” 


But what could be more unfair than a situation in which people are afraid to leave their homes at night for fear of being gunned down by MS-13?  What is more unfair than being afraid to go to a concert because ISIS might blow it up?  What is more unfair than getting a phone call from officials telling you your son or daughter has been murdered by gangs or terrorists?


What is really unfair is the idea of providing sanctuary for “everyone.”  But the left is hell-bent on doing exactly that with absolutely no consideration for the ramifications.


The problem is that European governments, as well as our own government, are failing to protect the people from those who would do us harm.  When governments fail to properly vet people coming into the country, the result is obvious: we have absolutely no idea who is here and what their intentions are.


The left loves to use emotion to tug at people’s heartstrings.  “What about the children?  The little kid with blood on his face?”  Their reasoning:  “We HAVE to let them in!”


No we don’t.  We do not have to let anyone into our country.  And we especially don’t have to allow people to stream into America from places like Syria where vetting is virtually impossible. 


A year or so ago the left in Brockton, Massachusetts—where I live—tried to turn Brockton into a sanctuary city.  Tugging at everyone’s heartstrings, politicians such as State Representative Michelle DuBois marched the children of local illegals into City Hall and parked them right in front of everyone.  “What about the children?”  (By the way, a few months ago the very same Michelle DuBois famously posted on Facebook a “warning” of an alleged impending ICE raid on the city.  Why she hasn’t been arrested for obstruction of justice is anyone’s guess).


The idea of “sanctuary” for migrants and illegals is an extension of the overall philosophy of entitlement.  The underlying idea is that the world is somehow entitled to American society.  Is it any wonder, with that philosophy, that we actually give welfare, subsidized housing and other benefits to illegal aliens—in many cases when our own citizens are ineligible for the same benefits?  After all, they’re “entitlements.”  But the very idea of “entitlement” is irrational, and is based on the false premise that somehow America and Europe “should” allow everyone in and give them the entire farm.  It’s liberal logic at its worst.  Psychologist Albert Ellis warned us not to “should” all over ourselves.  But that is exactly what the left does: it “shoulds” all over everyone and everything.  And America allows it to happen because we keep voting in the same liberal, incompetent politicians over and over again.


The definition of insanity, it is often said, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  But that’s the definition of what Europe and America does with unchecked migration.


It’s time the world, including our own country, returned to actual logic and reason regarding migration, and discarded the emotional reasoning of the left. 


It’s time governments in Europe and America discarded sanctuary policies.  The only people who are “entitled” to “sanctuary” in any country are citizens and legal residents of that country—the very people who are paying taxes so that governments can protect them from dangerous outsiders.  There is no such thing as “sanctuary” in the presence of chaos, crime, and terrorism.  There is such a thing as public safety—and that’s what real sanctuary is.