Bruce Burleson – June 25, 2020

It's Not Racism That's Destroying Our Country

When you listen to the narrative of the media, the college professors, and even TV ads, it’s all about race.  I’m black, you’re white, therefore you’re responsible for my misery and even of the misery of my ancestors.  We see billboards reading “Black Lives Matter” and when you question the tactics or socialistic ideology of that organization, you hear: “What, you don’t think black lives matter?  You’re a racist!”  When you speak the truth, e.g. “all lives matter” the knee jerk response is… you guessed it… that you’re a racist.  Because after all, white people are all racists and must recognize our white privilege if we’re ever to address “systemic racism.”

Explain that to a white homeless man as he shuffles down the streets of New York.  Explain that to the tens of millions of white people who lost their jobs and are facing hardship due to the government’s draconian response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Is America a racist country?  The facts don’t support that argument in the here and now, although there are aspects to our history that are characterized by racism.  We did away with slavery over a century and a half ago, and it’s now been half a century since the Civil Rights movement.  In 2008, we elected a black man President of the United States.  Until the recent pandemic, black unemployment had fallen to historic lows.  We have had numerous black governors, congressmen, senators, and mayors.  Black entertainers—from hip-hop artists to actors—have been extremely successful.  Black businesses thrive when the economy thrives, and suffer when the economy suffers—just like businesses owned by white people.  And by the way, there were a lot more black-owned businesses until politicians destroyed them in their myopic response to the coronavirus pandemic—and leftist rioters burned many of them to the ground.  So much for their anti-racism.

Black Lives Matter activists argue that police are systematically slaying black people.  But FBI statistics don’t support that argument.  There are roughly 800,000 police officers in the United States, but the number of black people shot by police in 2017 was 223.  The number shot was 209 and 235 in 2018 and 2019, respectively.  Given that there are about 40 million black people living in America, it’s easy to see that the odds of being shot by police if you’re black are quite low.  If you’re black, you’re about as likely to be shot to death by police as you are to be killed by lightning.

Of much greater concern is the alarming number of black people who are slaughtering each other in our cities, with Chicago being an oft-cited cited example.  But despite that, Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters are lambasting and even assaulting police officers, often using the slogan “all cops are bastards.”  Activists are calling for police departments to be defunded or even abolished.  Why? Because didn’t you hear?  They’re all racist.  A lot of people believe it, too, because long ago our education system stopped teaching them critical thinking skills.  But that’s a topic for another article.

Of course, the left argues that even with the numbers of people actually shot to death by police, black people are killed by police at disproportionately higher rates than whites.  In a sense that is true, since blacks comprise 13% of the population and roughly one third of those shot to death by police.  It’s a valid issue that merits discussion because numbers don’t lie.  But it’s also important to recognize that most of these shootings take place in cities run by Democrats—places riddled by drugs and violent crime.  If we want to talk about systemic racism, why not point to the mayors of Chicago and New York?  Both are Democrats—products of a party history that includes slavery, the KKK, eugenics, and Jim Crow.  The Democrats also tried—with some success—to replace black fathers with government programs by establishing welfare programs in the mid-1960s.  The Democrats have had plenty of time to improve the condition of cities in which black people live.  They’ve miserably failed.  The systemic racism in America is much less an American phenomenon than it is a Democratic one.  This is why #WalkAway is trending on Twitter.  Still, the Democrats constantly argue that black people need them in power to be successful. Why?  “Systemic racism.”  The argument that black people can’t get by without government programs or a nanny state, by the way, is quite racist in itself!
Of course racism exists; few would deny that.  Some people choose to harbor resentments toward people who look different than they do.  Some people are in fact white supremacists, although their numbers—despite the hysterical claims of the radical left and the mass media—are quite small.  By and large, though, most people see people as people—not black or white or other shades.  But it’s one thing to recognize that some people’s behavior is racist, and another thing altogether to define an entire country as being racist.

Why does the left portray America as racist?  What’s in it for activist groups and their benefactors (George Soros comes to mind)?  Because in order to gain political control, they first have to control the consciousness of the people.  It’s all about divide and conquer.  If you can pit people against each other on the basis of skin color, you can keep them at each others’ throats instead of uniting against the real enemy—corrupt politicians!  Is it any surprise how many of those politicians are ardent supporters of Black Lives Matter?

In order to create such divisiveness, the activists and politicians need a scapegoat.  In Germany during the 1930s that scapegoat was the Jews.  In America today public enemy number one is the white person—and especially the straight white male.  If you’re straight, you’re systemically homophobic.  If you’re white, you’re systemically racist.  And if you’re a man, you’re sexist.  If you’re all three, you’re intersectionally screwed.

Although the left constantly screams about racism, they are quite racist themselves.  The Democratic Party, for example, publicly embraces the Black Lives Matter movement.  Why?  Because the movement shifts blame away from themselves for their failed policies regarding black people, and toward law enforcement.  The Democrats are clinging to the coattails of Black Lives Matter activists, hoping against all hope that it will put them into the White House.  They don’t care about black people or the death of George Floyd in particular—as long as they can use them to achieve power.  And they’re Machiavellian in the sense that they’ll do absolutely anything to obtain it. 

If anything is systemic, it is the pattern by which the left is attempting to completely destroy America.  Since the 1970s, they have gained control of the media, education, Hollywood, many corporate board rooms and of course Facebook and Twitter.  It is not racism that is woven into the fabric of American society, but cultural Marxism and political correctness, the proponents of which ironically blame racism for the very division that they themselves are sowing.

So the country is a mess. There’s rioting and looting in the streets, and statues—even of abolitionists—being torn down.  This destruction of America is being done in the name of a movement which on the surface claims to be about fighting racism, but the leaders of which are collectivists who hate our market economy and Constitution.

What are we to do?  First of all, conservatives and libertarians need to own our responsibility for the mess we’re in, in the sense that we essentially sat back and did nothing for decades as the left seized our social institutions. If we believe in responsibility, as we claim we do, then we’ll own it and do something about it.  Secondly, we need to stop whining on social media about the left and hit the streets ourselves.  We still have a First Amendment and we need to use it.  Patriotic rallies are already going on around the country, but we need more of them.  Thirdly, we need to re-enter higher education and the mass media to provide a counter-balance to extremist ideology.  Today’s divisiveness and violence is being fueled by the brainwashing of our young people by leftist college professors.  That has to stop.

And finally, we all need to rediscover who we are.  Not white, or black, or male, or female, or gay, or straight. 
But Americans.