Donald R. Burleson, PhD – May 28, 2017 

In my view, one aspect of the fact that liberals and conservatives seldom agree on much of anything is that the kind of world liberals want to create is fundamentally different from the kind of world in which conservatives want to live.


It isn’t as if one could say “We all ultimately have the same goals, but we have different ways of pursuing them.”  No, we don’t even have the same goals. Not even close. In a lifeboat full of people, one group may say “Row east!” while another group says “Row west!” but at least they can agree that reaching dry land is a desirable goal. Liberals and conservatives have no such commonality.


The world that we conservatives want is easy to understand. We want a world in which personal responsibility is paramount, where people to the extent that they’re able are expected to work hard and show initiative and take care of themselves, rather than sponging off the efforts of others; a world in which work and productivity are fairly rewarded, a world where in economic terms there is a difference between how people are treated when they’re productive and how they’re treated when they’re not; a world where free competitive markets determine the economic landscape, and not some dimwitted regulation-obsessed government caprice.


By contrast with all this, the world that liberals want, if one could get them to be honest about expressing it, is one that no responsible person could conceivably want to live in. This would be a world, if Leftists had their way (which in too many situations they largely do have) where in economic terms people were treated basically the same regardless of whether they were productive or not. It is very telling that liberals prattle endlessly about wanting to enhance the lives of the middle class, enabling them to make more money, but the minute someone in the middle class makes too much money, they become greedy capitalists “oppressing the poor.” This tendency, in liberal economic thinking (if one can call it that), toward a sort of “homogenized” society, is plain enough to see.


Of necessity in a liberal dream-world like this, a small and inevitably dwindling group of working, ambitious people would be expected to support everybody else, and to do it essentially for free, since there would be little or no distinction between the supporters and the freeloaders.


This is by no means an overstatement of the absurdity of the liberal wish-list, since many of these people have called for a “universal basic income” that would be considered a birthright whether one lifted a finger to work for it or not. The people who took the responsibility to work would be expected to work for the benefit not of themselves but of “society”—a bogus concept really meaning “everybody but you.” Liberals never choose to understand that all that cash they so freely dish out has to come from somewhere.


Ultimately, of course, the dwindling class of productive and responsible people willing to support a burgeoning super-population of indolent parasites would shrink to the point where capable and intelligent people would have to be forced, by a government grown totalitarian, to man the grindstone and pay for everything with the labor of their hands and minds.


Liberals, of course, think that pursuing such a world is “caring” and “compassionate,” but then as a whole they were never very bright, and certainly never very honest. One discerns, in fact, an astonishing amount of hypocrisy on their part with regard to these matters, a tendency to think that making a lot of money is okay when they do it but evil when you do it.


Quite simply, the world that liberals want to create would spell doom to anyone with a sense of decency and a functioning brain. Liberals of course imagine that they would be favored in what (to the rest of us) would be their nightmare world, and perhaps indeed they would be, given their penchant for subterfuge and fraud.


As I suggested, the goals, values, and motives of conservatives and liberals are decidedly not the same. It’s as if in a lifeboat full of people, a few elected to shoulder all the responsibility and row to land, while the rest busied themselves with chopping holes in the boat, blaming the rowing people for the holes and somehow telling themselves that they, the real hole-choppers, will still be safe and dry when the boat goes down.