Happy May Day, and By the Way, How’s That Socialism Working Out For Ya?

Bruce Burleson – May 1, 2017

I’ve written many times about how I was a socialist for a number of years.  I went from the International Socialist Organization to Socialist Action to the Socialist Workers Party and ultimately to the Communist Party.  All of which are variations on a single theme—good old Marxism-Leninism, the irrational belief that the workers will overthrow capitalism and usher in a paradise on earth. 

Such paradises, however, haven’t worked out so well, have they?

Some socialists, like the folks over at the ISO, will claim that previous attempts at building a socialist country didn’t result in “real” socialism but instead “fake” socialism.  “The real thing is still coming!”  They continue to screech as their ideological house of cards collapses all around them.

For years, American leftists placed their hopes in the former Soviet Union and its satellite states.  That fell apart.

Then they praised the virtues of the now-dead Fidel Castro and his brother Raul.  That hasn’t worked out so well.  The world watched as Barack Obama shook hands with Raul—a man who in the early days of the Cuban socialist experiment routinely machine-gunned his enemies.  In some cases, the “enemies” were just people who dared to speak out against the Castros’ love affair with the Stalinist Eastern bloc.  In many cases, they were former business owners whose livelihoods fell victim to nationalization, all in the name of the “greater good.”

Well things haven’t worked out too well for Cuba either, have they?  Most people there live on just a few dollars per month, and have to engage in side businesses on the black market just to eat.  And when they’re caught?  Off to prison.

It didn’t end with Cuba, though.  After Hugo Chavez took power in Venezuela, he tried to turn that country into another Cuba.  After he died, Nicolas Maduro continued his destructive legacy.  And the American left?  Singing their praises, of course!  They fiddle, and fiddle, and fiddle some more, while the world burns down around them.  And then they get teaching jobs at our colleges and universities, and train the next generation of snowflakes to waste their lives promoting the very same socialist ideologies that the professors failed to put into place.  So much for the “inevitability” of Marxism.

And today?  Well, read the news.  Working class people are indeed hitting the streets in Venezuela, as they have for years.  Only this time they’re turning their anger against the government and Maduro.  Why?  No food.  No medicines.  The collapse of the Bolivar.  The takeover of Congress by the Supreme Court, resulting in a total Maduro dictatorship.

Only it’s no dictatorship of the proletariat—it’s only a dictatorship of Maduro and his goons, who continue to live in the lap of luxury as their people starve.   Sort of like North Korea, only without the stiff uniforms.

So Happy May Day, leftists!  Congratulations, because your ideology is as bankrupt as Venezuela.  My hope is that the campus snowflakes will see the light as I did after visiting that country, get their heads out of their asses and embrace the one thing that has liberated working people again and again—capitalism.