Hessie L. Harris


Mike Pence has flummoxed and frustrated the liberals with his moral character, political savvy, and commitment to his marriage.  Bravo!


He chooses to “avoid impropriety or the appearance of impropriety” by not dining alone with any woman other than his wife and does not attend a function at which alcohol is served without her.  The reactions of liberals have been typical and would be downright amusing if not so pathetic.


First, there is the inconsistency. The liberals who are attacking him for his stance are among the same ones who aggressively sought to destroy Donald Trump’s candidacy over a taped conversation, assumed to be private and unrecorded, of some ancient stale male locker room talk.  In addition, unfounded allegations were made regarding his attitude and actions toward women generally and former female employees in particular.  Failing in that, for “bad measure,” an equally false alleged investigative report widely believed to have been generated at the behest of desperate Democratic Party operatives was “leaked” which accused Mr. Trump of sexual improprieties and perversions with women including Russian ones of course.


In addition, liberals have used their multi-directional moral compass to bring to the fore the actual moral misconduct of noted people whose political philosophy and actions contrast with theirs. The liberals have aggressively sought their downfall.  Following that, they sagaciously enjoyed their successes: if not destroying reputations and careers, at least tarnishing them.


Second, the liberals preach individual morality and that personal conduct is a private matter. However, as with their political views, they reserve application of that approach to those who think and do as they do. Clearly, Mr. Pence does not.  


Third, as is par for the course when there is no substance or legitimacy to their views, epithets are hurled.  True to form, liberals have called Mr. Pence’s position “retrograde, misogynist, and antiquated.”  It has also been stated that his code of conduct subjects women to the type of treatment they receive under Islam!


Finally, they played the victim card charging that his positon discriminates against women as well as excluding, shaming and blaming them, and that they will bring him to task for it if his professional actions reflect such.


This Administration will be criticized no matter what.  Do liberals fear that traditional values may be making a comeback and considered worthy of emulation?