Bruce Burleson – April 16, 2017

North Korea’s population of 25 million people continues to suffer under the brutal communist dictatorship of the Kim family.  In 2011, Kim Jong-un took power following the death of his father, who in turn had assumed power from his own father.  It’s a family tradition of totalitarian rule that will only continue unless something drastically changes.

North Korea is not only a chronic human rights abuser.  It has been testing nuclear weapons since 2006.  In 2011, the South Korean media reported that North Korean scientists were working at Iranian nuclear facilities.  When North Korea tested a nuclear weapon in 2013, Iranian scientists were allegedly present.  And in 2015, North Korea sent scientists to Iran to help develop the country’s nuclear and missile technology.  Recently there have been reports that North Korea could have the capability of launching nuclear-tipped missiles within a few years.

The reality is that if North Korea develops intermediate or even long-range nuclear missiles, Iran will get them too.  No pun intended, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what Iran would do with such weapons.  President Obama’s feckless nuclear deal with Iran did nothing to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and it certainly did nothing to stop ongoing weapons collaboration between Iran and North Korea.

Kim Jong-un has made it clear he is willing to use the weapons he has been developing.  The safest bet for the Trump administration is to take him at his word, and destroy North Korea’s nuclear capabilities before he ever gets the chance.  America clearly has the ability to accomplish that task merely by using conventional weapons, as evidenced by the successful use of a 21,000-lb MOAB bomb against ISIS in Afghanistan.

And while he is at it, President Trump should consider taking out Kim Jong-un.  Waiting for the Chinese to do anything about Kim is an exercise in futility; thus far, the Chinese have only managed to turn back North Korean coal shipments.  That’s not going to suffice.

If the upper echelons of Kim Jong-un’s regime are eliminated, it presents an opportunity for the North Korean people—perhaps with the assistance of mid-level military brass—to forge their destiny in a direction very different from the dark path the Kim dynasty has taken the country since its inception in 1949.  It may even open up the possibility for the long-overdue reunification of the Korean peninsula.

One thing is certain: doing nothing is not an option.  And the clock is ticking.





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