Bruce Burleson – February 3, 2019


Antifa is up to its usual tricks, trying to destroy people they disagree with.  They routinely try to destroy the reputations of people they disagree with, using an array of labels:  Fascist.  Nazi.  Racist. White nationalist.  Islamophobe.  The list goes on and on.  It’s a strategy whereby they try to silence anyone who disagrees with them.  I will not be silenced.

When the far left doesn’t have a legitimate argument, it resorts to the usual “isms” and “phobias.”  Identity politics is their excuse for avoiding rational thought.  Antifa is a product of an extreme left that has replaced thinking with screaming, and debate with confrontation.  I’ve actually tried to hold rational discussions with them.  I get shouted down every time.

This past weekend Antifa posted slanderous images and comments about me on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.  One of these self-styled communist crusaders calls himself “Anti-Fash Gordon,” and another “Organize Crime.” And of course there are others, with equally ridiculous fake identities.  Ever wonder why they don’t use their real names?  Perhaps they’re perfectly aware that the claims they make and the activities they engage in are absurd and even illegal.

Because I’ve attended rallies hosted by Resist Marxism, and because those rallies were also attended by groups Antifa considers “fascist,” Antifa now accuses me of being a fascist.

I’ve been saying for a long time: If Antifa is looking for racists or fascists, they need to look in the mirror.  I’ve seen them throw white paint on black people.  One of their leaders was recently arrested in Washington, DC, and charged with “ethnic intimidation.” 

Antifa bases their claim about me being a fascist on the fact that certain groups attend the same free speech rallies that I attend, specifically mentioning American Guard and Patriot Prayer.

When I’ve read over the platforms of those organizations, I’ve found absolutely no evidence of fascism or racism.  American Guard, for example, stands for the Constitution, border protection, nationalism, libertarianism, and free speech.  Patriot Prayer is similar in its outlook—mainly opposing big government and supporting the First Amendment.  There is plenty of evidence of patriotism and nationalism in these groups’ outlook.  But patriotism and nationalism are not the same as fascism.

To Antifa, however, any association with groups they disapprove of automatically makes you a white nationalist, a racist, or a fascist.

Antifa routinely also accuses Resist Marxism of being fascist or Nazi.  But I have yet to encounter a fascist or a Nazi at a Resist Marxism event. And when you examine Resist Marxism’s logo, you see a swastika with a line drawn through it. Resist Marxism is every bit as opposed to fascism as it is to Marxism.  In my view, the two ideologies are historically cut from the same fabric.

I'm a conservative with some libertarian leanings, not a fascist.  I believe in protecting American freedoms as enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I’ve been a free speech activist for several years specifically because of groups like Antifa, who arrogantly think they have the right to decide who should or should not express their ideas in public.

I will not be intimidated by Antifa.  I will always stand up for the right of everyone to free speech—including, ironically, the extreme left.