College Students Majoring in the Politically Correct

Hessie L. Harris – May 5, 2017

Political correctness has become a vehicle for violent censorship on college campuses.  Initially, college students feigned fear to obtain “safe spaces” to prevent being exposed to opposing views.   However of late, they have changed tactics.  Now they choose to silence those contrary views through violent acts of censorship.   Feckless college administrators obsequiously acquiesce to the dictates of narcissistic student-tyrants.  Meanwhile others present must seek protection and avoidance from the threat of unconscionable acts of aggression.

Opposition to this abhorrent behavior must be mobilized before institutions of higher learning become instead entrenched academies of jackbooted intellectual suppression and physical terrorism.  One of the most direct and effective ways of dealing with the problem is to stop funding it. 

Citizens need to aggressively lobby state legislative bodies and Congress in   demanding that funding be cut from these bastions of belligerence and bullying.    No education is going on in those places but rather intimidation, indoctrination and thought suppression.   Why should the taxpayers’ hard-earned money be used to turn out those who would destroy the rule of law, free speech and those freedoms that flow from them both?

Alumni, donors both large and small, adverse to this travesty should stop giving immediately and disclose the reason.   Surely, the social “just- us” warriors certainly would prefer not to be demeaned or insulted by receiving scholarships, loans, grants and gifts from money supplied by those privileged capitalists who want to give back.   Philanthropists, wishing by legacy, to contribute to the future of this exceptional nation would do well to direct the benefits of their largesse to those individuals and organizations committed to enhancing this nation, not destroying it.

Parents must decide whether they wish to make the financial expenditures and sacrifices that will produce a generation bent on chaos, lawlessness and oppression.     Academia can be returned to its proper role if the attacks on thought, lives and property cease to be financed by citizens publicly or privately.