Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D.


What is it with the ultra-liberals of the American Far Left, anyway? Their pronouncements and actions are so out of touch with observable reality, their sentiments so reprehensible, their values so pathetic, and their hypocrisy so appalling that a person of discernment has to question their intelligence, possibly even their sanity.

But one lets them off too easily by attributing their wrong-headed blather to mere stupidity or mental illness. If they were just stupid or crazy, we might feel sorry for them. But it’s far worse than that.
Let’s take what we may identify as currently the number one hot-button topic with them, the question of immigration. Here the position they take is breathtakingly demented, as is easy to argue.

When Hillary Clinton was campaigning for president against Donald Trump in 2016, she grinningly proclaimed, to cheering hordes of her halfwit followers, that what we need in the United States of America is “open borders.”  Her very words! The mind reels at the absurdity of this statement and at the gullibility or perverseness of the supporters who would cheer for it. To any thinking person it is abundantly clear that “open borders” would be tantamount to having no country at all, at least in the long run. A country is physically defined by its borders, and without their security, the country is doomed when it exists in a world full of people dead-set on its destruction. Anyone paying attention knows that the world is replete with terrorists whose stated aim is to destroy the U.S.A., and “open borders” is a blank-check invitation for them to come on in and set about doing so.

When President Trump issued executive orders limiting immigration, a gaggle of ultra-liberal federal judges harking from that left-wing loony bin we call the West Coast immediately ruled that these orders were not to be followed, despite the fact that the law is exceedingly clear on the president’s authority to do precisely what he had done. A leading Democrat appeared to choke back tears when calling the executive orders “mean-spirited and un-American.” This in spite of the fact that we have been attacked by terrorists in the past, that the Islamic State has vowed to destroy all of Western civilization, and that we have been beset with a plethora of foul crimes committed by illegal immigrants. Heaven forbid that we should want to control who does and who doesn’t come into our country!

But the point here is to examine the motives for this liberal opposition to any and all efforts to try to avoid importing terrorism and crime to our homeland.

Is the motive compassion on the part of liberals? One can scarcely argue so, at least while keeping a straight face. Where is the compassion for the victims of the crimes and acts of terrorism that are inevitable when one has “open borders”? Why is the compassion only for those committing those crimes and acts of terrorism? One truly has to wonder about the loyalties and values of those who would take the attitude that it is somehow “xenophobic” or “Islamophobic” or “bigoted” or “racist” to control our borders. (The Left’s drooling admiration for Islamic societies that treat women with incredible brutality is hard to understand, when they tell us at the same time that they care about women’s rights, and human rights more generally. One can only conclude that it is really we conservatives who truly care about those things.)

No, the real motive here is political power, for which the American Left is hungrier than any drooling vampire ever was hungry for the blood of his victims. The Left sees every interloping immigrant as a potential Democrat voter, a potential supporter of the addle-brained policies that the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama espouse. The tragic and disgusting thing is that (given the near-100-percent probability that crowds of immigrants from terrorism-prone countries will contain terrorists) they know perfectly well that when they advocate bringing the whole world onto our shores, they are advocating the wholesale importation of terrorism, and they are perfectly willing to endanger your life and mine for their own nefarious purposes.  They imagine that when the destruction comes, they can always just continue to sit around the campfire and hold hands and sing a few more rounds of “Kum-ba-ya.”
In short, they are quite willing and eager to see the United States of America reduced to a war-torn battleground rivaling the current decline of Germany and France at the hands of foreign invaders, or a Venezuela-style socialist hellhole, so long as it is they, the Far Left, who will preside over what smoldering rubble may remain after their policies have been borne out. This is their vision, their “compassionate” ideal, a particularly egregious species of fraud that the rest of us should never let them get away with.
At best they champion an American society in which a dwindling class of responsible, productive, working people are expected to support a growing class of unproductive freeloaders (millions of them not even citizens or planning to assimilate), and to do it practically for free, and indeed the very idea of this scenario makes the Left swoon with delight, as long as they don’t have to pay the price themselves. At worst, they lust for the power to control everything, including your mind, your freedom to speak, your autonomy as a citizen, every aspect of your life, in the service of a socialist or globalist philosophy that has proven a failure throughout history, the world over.

Little wonder Ayn Rand, several decades ago in Atlas Shrugged, said that “power-lust is a weed that grows only in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind.”