Bruce Burleson – May 18, 2017 


The mainstream media is chock full of negative reporting about President Trump and his administration. In the past week alone, since Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, with the exception of Fox and conservative outlets such as Breitbart, One America News and Townhall, the reporting has all been negative.


The Russians!  The Russians!  The Russians!  That has been the single and solitary narrative on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and of course the New York Times and the Washington Post.  You’d think from reading their “reporting” that the world is a Moscow-centric place.  Even after the president signed an Obama-style ombibus budget bill—temporarily funding just about everything the swamp wants—they continue to stab the president in the back repeatedly.


And of course, not a shred of evidence has actually surfaced proving that Trump or his campaign staff had any inappropriate interaction or “collusion” with the Russians.  It’s merely a convenient narrative, smoke and mirrors if you will, to distract the public away from the country’s actual problems and Trump’s actual accomplishments.


Instead of proof, the media manufactures fake facts.  On May 1st, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson griped that Trump is doing everything wrong, and that proof of collusion with the Russians must exist; after all, protesters at a speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania “waved Russian flags, a reminded that the question of possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and agents of the Russian government remains unresolved.  Such liberal “logic” would have us make a connection between Trump haters waving Russian flags and some sort of “unresolved” conspiracy theory.  But when you waste your money buying the Washington Post, I suppose that’s what you get.


Anyway, as the rest of the media continues its systematic crucifixion of the president, and as they continue to depict the administration as “chaotic” (perhaps they should all look at the mirror on that point) let’s look at some of the positive things Trump has done for the country.  Mind you that this administration is only four months into its first 4-year term.


Firstly, jobs are being created.  Adding up the numbers provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 738,000 jobs were created in the first four months of 2017—possibly more, due to some uncertainties in the data for March and April.  Despite predictions of gloom and doom from Democrats and the media, job creation remains steady and appears poised to continue.  The stock market is also performing extraordinarily well overall, rising sharply since Trump’s inauguration.


Secondly, the president issued 13 Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions saving a projected $1.1 billion annually.  Trump also signed 30 executive orders in his first 100 days, fulfilling a campaign promise to roll back regulations that have prevented business expansion and job growth for years.  Predictably, the liberal press hollered about it, but the president was merely using the same “pen and phone” that Obama had used to create the regulations in the first place.  If he continues to utilize these executive tools, the president seems on track to fulfill another promise—to nullify two old regulations for every new one that is introduced.


Thirdly, the president accomplished something truly amazing—he got a Supreme Court justice confirmed and placed on the bench rather quickly.  Of course, this required the use of the “nuclear option” as Senate Democrats stood against Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation.  With Gorsuch on the bench, leftist attacks on the Constitution—particularly the Second Amendment—will be less likely to succeed.


Moreover, the president quickly re-established America’s credibility as a military power, parking a fleet of warships off the coast of North Korea and launching two airstrikes in Syria.  Unlike Obama, when President Trump draws red lines, he apparently means what he says.  The president has also greatly improved relations with our ally Israel, and has hosted quite a number of foreign leaders at the White House.  As of this writing, Trump is planning a trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican and plans to meet with NATO leaders in Brussels.


On immigration, the president is keeping his promise to keep America safer and to get criminal illegals “the hell out of our country.”  Illegal border crossings are down 76% since Trump was inaugurated, despite the fact that not a single brick of the wall has been built.  (Imagine how much more progress we will see once it’s built!)  All over the country, the Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) has sharpened its focus on rounding up criminal illegal aliens—particularly members of gangs such as MS-13.


All of these things are, of course, things that the left has systematically opposed.  So of course they’ll continue to wage their Deep State and media war on the White House.  I believe the president is off to an excellent start and will ultimately prevail over the backstabbing, lies and treachery of the establishment and the media.