Bruce Burleson – January 13, 2018


I’ve been watching for almost a year, as liberals respond to the country doing better by continuing their constant frontal attack on President Trump.


This week, the president allegedly called Haiti a “shit hole.”  Allegedly, because there are opposing accounts as to whether this happened, from other people who were in the room.  And this on the heels of the media’s loud enthusiasm for Oprah Winfrey, the BFF of pervert Harvey Weinstein—and a woman who told Fox News that “all white people have to die.”  No comment from the liberal media on that!  And if Trump had made a similar statement about blacks, there’d be no end to the outrage.


Anyway, when Trump—correctly—called Haiti a shit hole, the media exploded in a nuclear fireball of condemnation.  “Trump is a racist!” said CNN, MSNBC, and other outlets.  “He doesn’t belong in office!  He’s insane!” 


It’s almost as if the knee-jerk reaction of the left is to scream RACISM every time the president says something they don’t like.  As Milo Yiannopoulis pointed out last year, a good definition of “hate speech” is any speech the left doesn’t like.


Fortunately, conservatives were quick to respond with reminders that liberal politicians, too, have made comments that some might find objectionable.  Several years ago, President Obama stated that Libya is a “shit show.”  Rather than condemning the remark, the media largely ignored it.  Why?  Because Obama was always their darling right from the beginning. They LOVED Obama.  He fit their absurd, politically correct narrative perfectly.  Even when he flat refused to call a thing what it actually was, e.g. “radical Islamic terrorism” the applause was deafening.


And let’s not forget Hillary Clinton and her use of terms like “taco bowl” in reference to Hispanics, or “retard” in reference to children with developmental disabilities.  What did the politically correct media overlords have to say about that? You guessed it—nothing.


And now we hear that Senator Dick Durbin, the whistle-blower of Trump’s alleged “shit hole” comment, made comments himself not long ago in which he expressed dismay at chain migration.  Generally, when Republicans oppose chain migration, they’re labeled “xenophobic.” But when Democrats do it?  Just another day at the office.


And then there are the RINOs, such as Lindsey Graham, who called Mexico a “hell hole.”


The emperors never seem to wear any clothes, do they?


The liberal politicians and the media are desperate to destroy Trump, because he’s making America great again—just as he said he would. The economy is slated to hit 4% growth.   Unemployment is down, including an historic low in black unemployment (calling into memory Trump’s “what the hell have you got to lose” comment).  Homeownership is etching up.  The stock market—on which millions of American depend for their retirement savings—is skyrocketing.  MS-13 is being rounded up and deported, and the country is finally starting to enforce its immigration laws once again. 


So what word can we come up with to describe the liberals, the far left, and their failed policies?  How about OBSOLETE?