Donald R. Burleson, PhD – March 12, 2019

The Far Left in the United States is always telling the rest of us that only socialism can solve the ills of our country and our world—that capitalism leads only to greed and misery and degradation, that socialism imbues itself with compassion, social justice, and bounty for all. Capitalism, according to them, has always been the scourge of Western civilization, and we poor misguided
conservatives only perpetuate injustice and chaos by championing free-market systems while failing to understand the infinite superiority of socialism, the savior of the world.
Perhaps, then, it’s time to put this supernal vision to the test. Here is my proposal. We will set aside a huge land mass, say in the middle of the desertlands of the American Southwest, carefully avoiding any inhabited land, walling this large reserve off from the rest of the planet, and designating it Moronico, the future showplace of socialism. Then we invite socialist sympathizers by the countless thousands to move there, and we lock the gates, preventing any contamination of the inside paradise by the evils of capitalism outside those walls. And we say to the enlightened inhabitants of this paradise-to-be: do your thing. Show us. Make it work the way you have always said it must. Let socialism reign and let us see and marvel at its successes.
There are, however, conditions under which this must be done. Everything accomplished within those walls must be brought about by the tools and resources contributed to the world by socialism alone. Settling inside those walls, no one will take with them anything not produced by socialism. This means there will be no telephones, no electricity, no heating devices, no air conditioning, no radio, no television, no computers, no automobiles, nothing even so advanced as a wheelbarrow—because telephones and electrical grids and computers were produced by individual geniuses, or correlated groups of geniuses, and this would be contrary to the spirit of socialism, whose watchword is collective action, accomplishment not by individuals but by “the people.” If the dwellers of
Moronico are to have telephones or computers, they must develop them anew, themselves, in the context of socialist living.
And by the way, there will no foreign aid from the United States lying outside those walls. Socialism according to its adherents should be self-sustaining. We only watch and wait and see how the grand experiment within works out.
According to the American Left, it should work out splendidly.
But don’t bet on it.