Want to see your name in print?  Can you write articles and present facts using reason and logic?

Liberty Clarion Call accepts "unsolicited" manuscripts.  What that means is that the editor is not necessarily going to ask people to write articles or opinion pieces.  If you'd like to write for LCC, all you have to do is email your work to the editor and he'll look it over and get back to you as soon as possible.

The editor recognizes that most people are not professional writers.  But articles submitted are reviewed for relevance--strong preference is given for pieces that have something to do with the current political arena--but also for basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  Please note that the editor is not going to "rewrite" your article if it's a total disaster to begin with!  So it is strongly recommended that you use a word processor such as MS Word if you have challenges in these areas.  Please do not submit materials in PDF or Wordperfect format.  Use MS Word or your computer's basic text editor.

And remember: this is not a liberal news magazine.  It is a place for conservatives and libertarians to publish their work.  Liberal materials will be deleted as fast as you can say "fake news!"

Liberty Clarion Call encourages readers to not just read by also write!

If you're a writer and your desk doesn't look like this,
remember the old maxim: 
A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind!