Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D. – April 3, 2017


You might be a liberal if you really think big, expensive, intrusive government is the solution to all our problems, even though the politicians who run it have only one great abiding concern: getting perpetually reelected.  Or....

·         if you think the burglar who breaks into my house has a right to have a gun (because he has been “oppressed by the rich” and deserves restitution) but I don’t have a right to have a gun to protect myself from him.

 ·         if you think that the economy is a zero-sum game in which my gain is always your loss, since every time I earn a dollar, you lose one.

 ·         if you really think accomplished, ambitious, productive people making intelligent life decisions should be treated no better than unaccomplished, lazy, unproductive people making stupid life decisions.

 ·         if you think it’s wicked for me to make money honestly, but okay for you to make it through political cronyism.

 ·         if you think that it’s more important to use politically correct language (to avoid “offending” anybody) than to admit out loud that radical Islamic terrorism is at war with Western civilization.

 ·         if you think that restricting immigration into the U.S.A. from problematical countries is cruel and heartless, even when not doing it puts everyone at the mercy of terrorists.

 ·         if you think that in any conflict, the United States of America is automatically wrong.

 ·         if you believe that the principle of free speech properly belongs only to people on the political Left.

 ·         if you feel you need a teddy bear, a coloring book, and a therapy puppy because your candidate (after promising you a lot of free stuff) lost an election.

 ·         if you think that money is evil if it’s earned, but virtuous if it’s given away after being taken from someone who earned it.

 ·         if you honestly believe that (for example) everyone could be able to go to college “free,” without having the faintest comprehension of the fact that somebody, somewhere, somehow actually has to work to pay for it all.

 ·         if you think that anyone who disagrees with you about anything is a “racist,” however much of a stretch that may be.

 ·         if you have more sympathy with criminals than with their victims.

 ·         if you believe, no questions asked, that we must always “respect other people’s cultures,” no matter how barbaric, and no matter how hostile they are to our own culture.

 ·         if you never miss a chance to tell everyone within earshot how fervently you believe in women’s rights, yet you so admire Islamic culture (with its well-documented hostility to women) that you scathingly call anyone an “Islamophobe” who doesn’t share your admiration.

 ·         if you are exceedingly generous with other people’s paychecks.